Aqua 4 Life is your local water purification company based in Toowoomba specialising in clean, chemical-free water.

We don’t just deliver a product we are the solution to guaranteed water quality.

Our company is highly customer focused and we pride ourselves on offering valuable solutions to a diverse customer base through-out Toowoomba, Dalby, St George, Warwick, Muttaburra and anywhere in between.


Why Choose Us?

Aqua 4 Life is a home based business established in 2014. 

We specialise in water filtration and purification systems that incorporate new technologies guaranteeing the delivery of clean safe drinking water. 

Aqua 4 Life uses quality products made from superior materials. With professional installations by a local plumbing company, Philipsen Plumbing and Gas, you are guaranteed the best products and service for you and your family’s health and well being.

Our customers are offered the convenience of service reminders and follow up calls all in line with our service guarantee.

The trust of our brand is thanks to a large client base, word of mouth and customers on our Facebook Page.

Our products do what they say and are backed up by our after sales service and routine service reminders to ensure your investment lasts a lifetime. 

Our customers not only invest in us, they invest in their health.

Clean water is essential for a healthy body & mind”

Ideal for renters or homeowners

For renting or when fully installed systems aren’t suitable.

Aqua 4 Life understands that the installation of a water filtration system on a home or unit isn’t always possible.

You may be renting or just don’t have the available under sink space, or need to keep your budget front of mind, so our Counter Top Filter is the ideal option.


Perfect for sensitive skin

Our bathroom filter softens water which helps manage eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.

These easily installed filters deliver soft, clear, chemical-free water for people needing a little bit of TLC!

If you’re a tenant, you don’t need landlord approval, as no installation or plumbing changes are needed.


Clean water from every tap

With Aqua 4 Life’s Whole Home System you’ll get clean, chemical-free water running from every tap in your home.

Installed on the outside of your property, our system will filter any water coming into your home whether it be for drinking, showering, washing clothes or watering the garden.

It’s professionally installed by local and award-winning plumbing companies, so you are guaranteed the best workmanship and experience available.


What People are Saying

“10/10. I recommend to everyone”

Since moving to Toowoomba a year ago, the chlorine in the water had reacted with my scalp causing it to be dry, itchy and flaky. Within a week of using the filter my head and hair has never felt so good! David made the process easy and offered professional service. 10/10, I recommend this company to everyone I know!”


“I’ve been a customer for 6 years”

I have been a customer of Dave’s for just over 6 years now. His attention to detail, pride in customer service and fun loving nature is a breath of fresh air. I recently recommended his services to my office and now I have access to filtered, clean and cold drinking water straight from the tap at work too! Thanks guys.


“Water quality is amazing, completley tasteless”

I bought two counter top units, the second was 50% which I gave to my parents. Dave personally installed to our taps which was great. The water quality is amazing – completely tasteless with no trace of the metallic, chemical aftertaste of town water. I just wished I had got one sooner. Thanks Dave!



Filtered water comes clean and ready to drink straight from the source. It’s free from chemicals and any other nasties that can harm you and your family’s health. It improves health, well-being and softens your skin.


Whether you are renting or a homeowner we have a water filtration system for you. From counter top water filters and shower filters which require no plumbing to fully installed whole house systems. We can help you, just give us a call today.

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